Friday, March 20, 2009

Yay horray, it went!

I had the great pleasure of knocking off one of my current projects today!

Turning Point!

(photos by diggs)
It was UGLY, thrutchy, and mostly accomplished by try-hard, but it felt GREAT to stand on top. Definitely the hardest thing I've done since coming back from the blown up finger.


In related news, diggs sent a small project of hers just below turning point right before!

WOAH double send day!
Nice work diggs!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Soulja Boy Dyno (project)

That's right. A groundbreaking new Dyno project has been discovered in the famous Satellite bouldering area of the flatirons.

However, this news will have to wait. Why? you might ask.

Yes, that is correct. She took down Captain Hook in good style.

Smooth as butter sliding across glass on a velvet counter top.

Ok, back to the Dyno. A talented young Zissou...ahem, I mean climber named Rylan envisioned this new exhibition of human fitness.
Unfortunately, he was unable to complete the line. He felt it should not be bolted and brought down to a "jaegerian" level...if you will.

It should be saved for the next generation, and it should be finished in Rylan's preferred style. (balls out, no pro, gnar gnar, i'm in the mags, Badass style) This line is for a new level of climber the world has yet to even think possible.
Though it has seen another couple suitors, no one has come closer than Lukas (the lady-slayer) Hardman.
Lukas gave several efforts over what...maybe ten minutes?
However, he used a technique previously thought impossible.

He hucked his gul-dum meat at that shit like there was no fricking tomorrow.
Many have argued that he is the chris sharma to rylan's boone speed.

Many have speculated that he is the mutant offspring of Superman and Jesse James' sister. 100% strongmo, 1brazilion% of the time.

However the line did not accept his advances. He came close. Closer than most will ever hope. Close enough even to say; "just the tip. just for a second. just to see how it felt."

Is the there an individual equal to the level this line represents?

Time will tell.
This is just a photo of me standing around making excuses for not sending Purity Control.

Who know diaper butt could be so sexy?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Satellites Postingness

Lots of the crew made it out to the Satellites in the Flatirons this Saturday for crushing and general hanging outs.

It was absolutely GOING OFF at Captain Hook. Here Danny, the tripod, McCrushman is cruising through the opening moves.
Adam McKenzie was on hand as well to demonstrate "how its done". Lucas was in attendance and making good progress on this line. Between taking burns with the light reflector, Asher managed to catch this sick shot. V10 climber and photographer!
Owen staring the tick down getting ready to kick it's face!
Me flailing helplessly. I would really like to come up here and spend some more time with this thing, but turning point was priority and I was not to be deterred.
This is the sequence of photos that were not published on Danny's Blog. I would encourage him to post them up, as these are on the washed out side and I would like to see his.

Steph working Captain Hook and coming so close to sending it hurts:
Our camera was put away at this point and the pros took over. To see more of this session and shenanigans, head over to Danny's Blog for realz. It's worth it.