Sunday, June 28, 2009

Watch out for Rylan...

Rylan made me run down the fire trail to aviod the tourists. The damage that resulted:
Rylan will also suffer damage next time I see him: (it's really not very painful, but I still blame Rylan for the cankle)

the update you've all been asking about...

Between weather and work schedules, we've had far fewer climbing days than we'd like, but here are some shots from Colorado's most beautiful alpine climbing areas.
Matt on Mind of a Goldfish, Evans Area B.
Diggs, trying to figure out the short-person beta for Mind of a Goldfish. Steph, crushing as usual, repeating the climb to show how it's done.
Matt decided Seurat, Mt. Evans Area A, is an es-stupid problem and pulled on this far...
Rylan takes time to sit and "reflect" under Dark Horse, Guanella Pass.
Ben on Dark Horse
Rylan, working Dark Horse.
Rylan focusing on the crimp, in spite of whatever Ben is doing laying under the reflector at Matt's feet...
Matt seemed to enjoy it (or at least think it was funny!)
Asher crushing the Kind, RMNP, right before he sends Mr. Wimpy, the harder, righter variation.
Tommy, the hilarious Tennessee guy, working Whispers of Wisdom, RMNP
Rylan cruising the sequence on Whispers of Wisdom - this problem is going to go for him very soon!
Diggs working the Kind - continuing the trend of falling even closer to the end, just when you thought I couldn't get any further without actually finishing the climb.
There you have it! I did it all by myself. I will try to update more often - Matt has been spending ridiculous hours at work, and barely has time to climb, let alone update a climbing blog. I hope he knows how much everyone misses climbing with him!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Getting out a little...

As most of us on the front range know, the weather lately has been less than stellar. That combined with an epic work schedule has kept me off the rock.

However, the ladies have been getting out...
Diggs on Warm-up, Dino Mtn.
Diggs with some tomfoolery at the Woo. Diggs on the back-side of the warm-up, Dino Mtn.
Sara preparing to launch in the Woo.
Fiona Enjoying the Organic Slab, The Woo.
A rare "Conner-saur" sighting, Dino Mtn.
Alexa starting into the Organic Slab, The Woo.
Tuna on Edging Edgio. Dino Mtn.
Alexa riding high on the organic slab, The Woo.
More flailing on Edging Edgio, Dino Mtn.
Alexa Working the Squirrel, Dino Mtn.
Kristen also working the Squirrel, Dino Mtn.
Alexa enjoying the last hold before the mantle, The Woo.
Sarah enjoying what is quite possibly the best problem in the Woo.
Pray for sunshine kids.