Sunday, June 12, 2011

Photarz phor Phoolish Phacez!!!

No two ways around it... my injury time has made me weak. I have been getting some time behind the camera though... check it:
Eric on the Girl Dyno: (Red Cliff)
Happy Diggity:
Diggs working Rupture: (Morrison South)
Eric on Rutpture:
Diggs finishing Return of the Jedi (Red Cliff)
Eric on "Jedi"
TJ coloring outside the lines:
Sarah working Squirming Coil (Morrison South)
Eric finishing Disani (Morrison South)
Erica crushing Star Crossed Lovers (Red Cliff)
Eric getting a feel for the moves on Star Crossed Lovers
Eric burling through the opening moves of Minturn Mile (Red Cliff)
OH YEA! I actually went sport climbing with TJ yesterday... and now have a rope project to finsih. I'm SOOOOO weak after all the down time! Ahh well, it's good to be pulling a little bit again. PSYCHED!