Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weather blues

It seems that Colorado has been in an unfortunate weather pattern for the last few weeks. Gorgeous all week, and then rainy yuck throughout the weekend.

A few brave souls have still got some sessions in though. And this is their story.
In an effort to resurrect the C-Wood after work sessions, I met up with Derek Highland to give a tour of the Font area at the wood.
He enjoyed pulling on some grade-A choss and I had some fun repeating old lines and chewing up the tips on everyone's favorite conglomerate turds. It was a fun session and we ended up meeting Belkon and Diggs for a lovely Tick-Infested session at the Punani boulder. Good times were had by all.

That weekend, some brave souls rolled the dice and ended up down at Newlin Creek for some wicked bouldering on less-chossy rock.
Here, Diggs warms up on the "old guard" boulder in preparation for a session that was absolutely going-off!
Here, Fiona can be seen working the "Uncivilized" line and enjoying what turned out to be a beautiful day.

Beyond this, it has been Morrison's black hole for me. But alas, even that has been productive! Good times and getting psyched for alpine season.

Anyone know how Evans is looking yet?!?