Thursday, July 8, 2010

Red Cliff / Happiest Place On Earth / Foolish Faces

Night one: We arrive in Red-Cliff and meet up with several fool-faces who are drinking boxed wine, psyched on PBR, and ecstatic that we are all enjoying red-cliff together... could this go awry?
NO!!!! We awoke to nice cool conditions and no hangover and EXTREME PSYCHE from Josh (below) and almost everyone in attendance!!!! (notice the happiest place on earth hat!) Most of the crew started out in the main cluster while I laid on a pad and napped... it was about 1000 degrees above normal climbing psyche temps and I wasn't about to waste skin.

Later in the afternoon, we headed to the aircraft carrier boulder where everyone was psyched on different lines... Diggs spent some time with "Star Crossed Lovers" while Annie and I messed with "Romeo" and Matt Battaglia worked "Mercucio" (a new line put up by Merc.)

While Riley (dog) slept, Annie, Matt, and myself enjoyed sends. (diggs got distracted and only tried star-crossed twice) Matt is a beast. I don't know if you know that. Here is his glamour shot by yours truly.
He put up a problem a while back called "Dem Apples". It is about V9 and on the way to the Aircraft Carrier boulder.
While he went for the Media send, I was fortunate enough to shoot these stills...
The problem is obviously very tall, but the crux is very low, and I'm psyched to try the problem the next time I am in Red Cliff!

Nice Work Matt!
Sunday morning dawned waaaayyyyy too early, and diggs and I arose to try our projects for the weekend. (Merc insisted on doing foolish face training and pretending to be a ninja)
I worked "Immortality" while it lay in the shade, and had the good company of Rich and other foolfaces. I stuck the pinch (pictured) which is a new high-point, but didn't get it quite right which led to not sending.
Diggs put the burl down on "Return of the Jedi" and although working through all the moves did not put up a send. (Damn Warm Red Cliff)
By midday Sunday, the crew was WIPED OUT!!!! It was time for heading home / hanging out by the creek drinking beers for several hours.
While most of us opted for the latter, some headed back. Either way, I think we would all agree, this was one heck of a fun red-cliff weekend!!!

Annie, pictured below playing with a "Callipitter", was on hand for the nonsense, and we're glad you came lady!
Thanks to all the fool-faces who came out and made this one of the most fun trips of the summer! You all ROCK!!!!!

Is anyone up for Rocky camping / climbing next weekend?