Monday, October 26, 2009

Grettings from Newlin Creek!

As I reported, the session was at Newlin this Saturday, but no one reminded the weather not to suck for a few days leading up.
After hiking all the way to the new sector, we learned that 4 inches of snow and seeping holds were to be found on EVERY BOULDER. We resigned ourselves to a chilly picnic of Fiona's homemade banana bread and hung out... But wait... could there be dry boulders elsewhere? YES YES YES!!!!!!!
Atari Arete and surrounding blocs were indeed dry and climbable! Yay! Session Saved!!!

This photo caught Rich and Fiona in some sort of strange warm-up ritual. Weird Eh?
That, or he is issuing the worst wedgie ever to Thomas who is laying on the pads at his feet. He looks guilty. I bet that is the real story.

I believe it was Fiona's first try on this thing and she crushed it. Sending in only a few goes!
Check that GRRRRR face!
We all used Atari as a warm-up before moving on to Geiman In A Blender.
This was a sort of side-project for Rich, and he was able to polish it off. NICE JORB DOOD!!!!11!
Diggs also made some solid goes at it but didn't quite pull it off. IT WILL TOTALLY GO!
Fiona also made some strong efforts, and was wearing a great T-Shirt for pictures. Excellent execution on both counts Fi!
After repeating Geiman, Thomas and I jumped on The Green Iguana.
Thomas sorted out the beta, and I was able to pull through and finish it after him.
Really fun moves, and a little scary at the top. What more could you want out of unexpected extra rounds of bouldering!?!?
We finished the day with Thomas cleaning and working the arete to the left of Iguana. Some interesting power moves off of a large sloper lead to thin holds and a big move for the top. FUN FUN FUN, but it didn't go down that day.

A pretty rad day for what looked like a long hike when we arrived at the new area. Thanks to the usual suspects for showing up and pulling down! You guys rock!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Get Excited

I was going through some older photos from Newlin to generate some PSYCHE for the upcoming weekend....
Just thought it might be nice to share.
I'm really pumped to get out this weekend with any and all foolfaces who care to be in attendance! To those on the Joe's train, have a great time!!!! To those uncommitted either way, COME TO NEWLIN!!! Even if you just hang out, you will still have a great time!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Who Turned Up The Suck???


Newlin apparently has stronger gravity on October 16 than anywhere else on the planet. T.J. and I had the misfortune of learning this first hand.
After battling the warm up boulder in shaky, thrutchy style, we went on to have our asses handed to us the rest of the day.

We both got on and tried old guard, and the thing to the right for quite a while before figuring out workable beta. Then, I was too tired to do it and T.J. had other aims. Double Mild Weak Sauce.
T.J. spent some time with Jaques Cousteau and was getting very close to sticking the big move before tearing holes in his fingers and feeling too sore and non-motivated to try more. We ended up going to Megaladon to try out the moves and got bouted there as well.
This photo pretty much sums it up. Staring at the boulders wondering why they are keeping their secrets today. Maybe getting reacquainted with the holds and style was necessary?

Who knows. The good news is we still had fun and there are plenty of days of Newlin ahead. SENDS COMING SOON!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Precipitation Frustration

The past weekend along the front range was absolute crap as far as weather goes. There was supposed to be a glimmer of hope for Sunday, but it never materialized.
While moving to the springs, I had ample time to consider what the ice-storms and freezing yuck were doing to the boulders. Never even made it to the gym, but got some good exercise lifting boxes. Hoping to check the wall at the sport climbing center tonight.

I'll let you know how it goes. STAY PSYCHED FOR PLASTIC!!!!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Curiously WRONG

Exhibit A:
You might have guessed...but there is a story behind the above picture...

It was a Fromunda cheeze factory sort of day at Evans, and JJ's hands were not sticking to the holds. Some discussion of cooling techniques yielded the idea of hands in snow.

Now, how to do that without getting your skin wet? AH HA!!! Put a snowball in a bag and clutch it with your sweaty palms! JJ did this with his usual enthusiasm for all things madness and the scene was just too crazy not to stage a wild picture.

Thank you for being a good sport Jaeger!!!!
So the truth of the matter is that a couple Sundays ago we did a grueling hike up to Evans area B and got on "Curiously Wrong" (my Problem) and "Curiously Strong" (JJ's goal for the day). More fun than hard climbing yielded a great session.
We both sent, and had a great time. The pictures were too good not to share.

You can also find a pretty entertaining video HERE.

Click the link bishes. You know you want to.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lazy Saturday SoMo Beer Sesh and Jamboree

I think this picture pretty much sums up what this blog post (and blog in general) is all about.

Good Friends, beautiful days and chalked hands clutching chilled beers.

Saturday Morrison South Beer Sesh. Dave, you're doin it right.
First thing is first however. KUDOS TO BIGGITY FOR SENDING HIS PROJ!!!!!

He totally crushed Rupture in control and in good style. This set off an almost full-crew send train that was a hell of a lot of fun.

ASHER WANTS YOU... to know you missed one heck of a good time. We spent the usual warm-up time at the blocks mid-way up the hill, and were far more interested in bullshitting and drinking Fat Tire than actually getting down to business.
Matt staring down the slopy pinch on Rupture.
AHHH yes. Andrew was on hand, and stirring up the mud, so there was definitely some shenanigans to behold.
The requisite lap up Breashears.
It's fun to see the Alexa monkey not only out climbing on ACTUAL ROCKS, but trying tough stuff! She made a couple solid efforts on Rupture that have her psyched to return.
Biggity wants to know why you weren't at MoSo sending this saturday.
This is Alexa's epiphany that you actually CAN crimp slopers if temps are right!

Notice the psyched disbeleif!
Ahh yes. I have to post an embarassing shot of me if i'm going to make fun of all of you.

I really am a goofy, lanky bish.


Hand making out, blowing a kiss, smoking, french blow, or all of the above? You tell me.No argument that Rich had his priorities straight.

(The rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves.)
It was fun to see the crew get psyched on the Slappy Dyno. Many sends, and many close-to-sends on this classic turd. (Nice job again Biggity! You had a heck of a day!)
We finished off the day with a send-train on Dasani. Alexa got psyched on this thing too!?! What's going on with this chick? Must be the Wahl training.
Blue-bird skys, no bugs, crisp temps and a crew to enjoy it all with makes Matt a psyched guy.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Worth The Wait

As many know, Kristen has struggled with Helicopter for a LONG time. Its been 21 months since she first started working it!

Due to a threat of poor weather, I found myself spotting her on it today, and I'm EXTREMELY proud of her right now.

Worked the bottom, worked the top, then sent. NOT A SINGLE FALL!!!!
NICE SEND KRISTEN!!!! And Congratulations. You can totally tell she was psyched with a smile like that!
Ahh fall. Gotta love it.