Sunday, March 30, 2008

Joe's Trip

Ahh yes. Bluebird sky, crisp morning air, and tips disappearing despite incredibly finger friendly rock. We MUST be in Joe's Valley, Utah. As you probably suspected, the shenanigans started the moment our crew set foot in the valley. Turtle-ing, pad stackage, and wicked boulder problems just started flying out of nowhere! (BTW, Next shot is Eden V10. Thomas Crushed it after some brushing)
Here is Nick on Anatomy Act V7
Bec somehow getting Rylan in the dreaded pad taco. V14
Can you believe what chaos our crew creates when we roll to the boulders!?! Look at all that crap! Luckily, Dello keeps focused on his goals.
David Garcia Flashing Skins Game V4
Situner on Moby Dick. (no send)
Smarvez on The Angler. Amy Glowing on the shore.
Did you know Organic Bouldering Mats will actually FLOAT if blown into water? It's true. Windy conditions in Joe's makes for soaked pads and an uncomfortable swim for the tuna.
I had the pleasure of getting on the Angler. Truly, it is MUST DO.
David Garcia Sending Wills A Fire V6.
Giving me the finger, or showing off war wounds? You be the judge. Bec putting in time on Right Boy Size V6. (She's SOOOOO CLOSE!!!)
Here, Diggs crushes the absolute awful crimps of Footmare V4. Ask any of the boys in the crew and they will gladly tell you that the pain level is more like V100.
David Garcia's face after a lap on Footmare.
What is a climbing trip without camp fire / smores session?!? You missed out if you weren't in attendance!
Rich Pimpin Jeans V4 Flash (heh... in jeans even)
As usual, Marcelo was working the most difficult thing he could pull his meat off the ground on. He might have touched his leg to the rock a little on one burn. He swears his shins just do this when he flexes.
Nothing will have you packing your pad and gear and hiking in climbing shoes faster than a skunk rolling up on your session. Trust me.
Kevin launching on Pocket Rocket V6. Such a sweet problem.
So, Friday afternoon, the weather turned to absolute crap. Rich and I topped out the last problems of the day in falling snow. Though pretty, it didn't do much for our climbing psyche for the next two days. Luckily, weather looked good in Moab, so we bailed for hot showers and warmer temps.
Rich, Biggity, David, and I all got on Circus Trick V4 (yea right) to no avail. I really want to come back and try this problem fresh. Anyone up for a commando weekend to Moab?
Rich pulled over the top of his nemesis Brown Power V5 after a great deal of effort on the problem over several burns. (Doesn't he look SO Happy!!!)
Biggity also took down Brown Power on his last effort of the day. Sure makes that drive back to Denver much more enjoyable!
Thankfully, I also took care of some old business on the block top boulder at the end of the day on Saturday. Weird moves and a VERY happy climber once topped out. Blunt Arete V6
If you happen to see these pictures and think to yourself, "Gosh, I've got to get my bottom end to Joe's Valley soon!" you're in luck. Sounds like there's already a weekend commando trip planned for April.
First rule of Joe's Commando; you must be CRAZY EXCITED for Joe's Commando.
And no I DON'T mean sans-underwear Marcelo.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Speaking of roadtrips...

Here, our very own K-Diggity tackles the slopers and sends on "Hong Kong Whore" in Flagstaff AZ. We're off for Joe's Valley Tuesday after work so I dumped some posts for you fools to check while we are out. Expect LOTS of Joe's media upon our return. STICK SEND CLOWNS!!!!! -Photo Credit to Baron Choss Crush Von Jaegervitch

Sometimes Dello is just a little TOO helpful

Rich moving smoothly through the opening moves of Punk Rock Traverse. (V5)
We were getting hypothermia at this point, so just getting to the mid-way point was quite a challenge/accomplishment.
Bite his finger Rich!!!!!!!

Get psyched for Newlin

Technically a re-post from JJ's blog, but still my pictures. Besides, they look better on my blog anyway. (JK-JJ)
Get excited for this sweet new area to thaw out.
You will enjoy.
Or you will never be found.

Right Eliminator

All three exits of this problem are great fun. Do them.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Its very distracting

I really can't get over that Kyle Korver of the Utah Jazz looks like a chick.
It freaks me out more than a little.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


This is an artist's rendition of how my fingers feel about the upcoming Joe's trip.

The one in the pan is clearly the ring finger of my left hand. Let's hope it's innards get back together before send time! (heh heh there really are ten eggs. WEIRD)

Gum Bee Tuna

OK. I know most of you understand the warning signs of gumby-ism. This is Situner in full on gumby (I just bought some shoes and heard there's climbing up yonder) mode. These shots are taken at U-Mound in Albuquerque, NM. I kid you not, my buddy who took the shots was wearing umbro shorts and a wife beater. See how many dabs you can identify in the photos above. Be gentle. At least I'm not wearing umbros.
1/2 Joe's crew leaves tomorrow! GOD SPEED GENTLEMEN!!! (and ladies)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Butt Shot Installment

Any guesses?
Winner receives a PBR courtesy of in Joe's valley.
Good luck to all contestants!

Who's Psyched for Joes?

First one is our very own K-Diggity!
This problem is known as "The Angler". I hear it is a warm up. It is the line I'm most psyched to climb while we are there. Just thinking of how much fun we are going to have in Joe's makes me feel like this: