Wednesday, April 30, 2008


For those of you not so "in the know", Castlewood Canyon has absolutely been GOING OFF with high energy sessions and amazing after work ninja missions. I present you with evidence to support my argument. David Garcia and his girlfriend, Nicole, have wizened up to the Wood's magical allure. Here, Nicole makes short work of "Center Stage" in the font. Whoa session! I was very pleased to run into David, Nicole, and a whole crew of new climbers who were ABSOLUTELY PSYCHED to be climbing real stone and enjoying the Font on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Here, Marcelo is doing his best "fruit bat" impression and attempting to creep-out said new climbers. I love it Delo!
Nicole was pretty psyched on the Cave Lip Traverse problem and her enthusiasm proved to be infectious!
David ran a lap exhibiting skills of absolute wickedness.
Kristen ran a lap proving that the high cobble really is solid. No, really. It IS.
Once tips were wearing thin, Marcelo and David decided they would attempt what could be considered the first "No Hands Gill Start" that C-Wood has ever seen.
I know. I thought it was madness too. Although, as usual with Marcelo antics, it was surprisingly FUN madness.
I was also psyched to send my project for the day! (Bulge Direct)
Please Clowns, throw out your pre-conceived notions of the Wood. It truly is better than your bushwacking, muddy, epic first experience led you to believe. There's even an area that I'm pretty sure you've never been to which arbors an AMAZING V5 agreed to be "must do". Sack up and let's go!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Better late than never

Yes, parts of the crew went to Joe's Valley LAST WEEKEND. Yes, it has taken this long to put up some media from that glorious weekend. STFU already! Without further ado, here are the times that the rest of the clowns missed out on... Kevin is quite a comedian himself. Here, he climbs a problem that bears this particular namesake. However, all who were in the area can confirm that the noises he made while grunting up this piece of stone were anything but funny. Thomas is a total bad ass. Some of you know this. Some of you don't. But wise up. Here is photographic evidence of Mr. Betterton making it rain. (Fingerhut V10)
Whoa GUNS!!! Where did those come from!?!? Bec on The Comedian is no laughing matter.
Diggity on Comedian as Thomas is clearly becoming bored with the monologue.
Cat throws the heel hook confidently knowing that Ben is right behind her NOT making funny faces and being a VERY attentive spotter.
I have no idea whats going on here. It looks like CPR on a butt. Ask the two involved what happened.
Ben looking calm and composed in the face of a total need for adult diapers.
SERIOUSLY! Have you ever SEEN the wind below? This thing is taller than most IMAX screens. It appears to have just about as many holds as well. Here Thomas moves casually through a very nice picture.
Unfortunately nobody told Thomas that floating the problem up to the finishing holds requires you to... well... finish. Blow up the picture and see that crazed look in his eye. It's TOTALLY worth it. Oh yea, and he TOTALLY sent as well.
Ben Elkon on the wind below. On closer inspection of the picture, he is also climbing right next to that pathetic Christmas tree from charlie brown. Sure made for a pretty shot though!
Here we see Kevin Brown on Planet of the Apes. This was his goal for the trip and I'm pleased to report that he totally sent it after falling off of the finishing holds no less than 4 (four) times. I guess he just really enjoyed it and wasn't ready to be done yet!
What perfect lighting! Thomas on Worst Case Scenario.
What terrible lighting! Ben on Worst Case Scenario.
He sure looks awesome avoiding Kevin's lobster like grip. Oh, and sticking the TERRIBLE crimp as well.
With time growing short and a brutal wind making things unpleasant, Bec decided the only course of action was to get WWWAAAAAYYYYYY off the deck on a terrible off-width. Proud way to finish up a weekend climbing trip!
Ben decided the off width was a little too spicy for his tastes and opted to get high on some slab-tastic face. Isn't his beanie cute!?!? He looks just like a little snowball!
As you can see, it was a totally wicked trip and good times were had by all. So next time a session is planned for Joe's, I expect all of you to play hookie from work / school and carry pads to my projects! Psyched?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kristen hates me

That's why she won't post Joe's pictures. I know why she hates me. I don't really want to go into specifics because it is a personal situation, but lets just say it involved concentrated orange juice. But really, its not like she ACTUALLY died in a fire. Further more, I now feel totally comfortable cleaning a cast iron skillet in a real-world situation. As always, I’m so sorry.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Surf's up...

The cool trick to do now is to hold a penny on a fingertip and let the air that goes by at 70 miles an hour hold it to your finger. Add to the crux by repeating more than once or having a driver that slams on the brakes when he sees that you are semi-successful... brilliant 2na trick.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

News flash: Matt is a crazy foolface; squirrels are terrified!

After a relaxing session at Castlewood Canyon's renouned Punani boulder, and a proud send of gerbil in a chute, which was sadly not photographed, Matt decided to take a cool down lap on the chimney of the mostly demolished cottage near the homestead parking lot. Although, Matt may be the first human to ascend this chimney, we are certain that at least 4 squirrels scrambled past Matt in a bid to get to the top, or, at least, the hell away from Matt. Nice works Matt! Way to show those squirrels who's boss!!!!!11111


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Try Hard Installment

Some Swearing... So maybe not work safe. Enjoy:

Nice work Rich!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

SOMO Session

Weather for Colorado in April is turbulent and unpredictable at best. For the first time in several days, Sunday dawned clear and the forecast looked good. The crew was excited for some local flavor so off we went. Morrison South is not climbed nearly as much as it's counterpart across the road, but it is arguably far better. ESPECIALLY for a lazy Sunday session. Below is Kristen warming up on the The Square Block. Rich holding a small universe in his hands. Wicked.
Actually he was just chalking up for a nice burn on Done Deal Dyno.
Matt on Roofies.
J-Bone allowing his crotch goblin some air time as Dello cowers and runs away.
Le Baron on Breashear's Crack. TERRIFYING
We also spent some time on the Squirming Coil boulder and Kristen is getting VERY close to sending! I know Justin has some pictures of that session, so watch for media up on his blog in the next couple days!
Go there now:

I worry about you sometimes Rich

I present you with photographic evidence of the madness within our very own Rich.
This impulse buy was secured solely due to the pink elephant on the packaging.
Upon seeing said elephant, he snatched the 4 pack of beer from the shelf and skipped up to the register like charlie with the golden ticket.
I kind of want to try one though.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008

Castlewood conditions assessment...

Recently, Kevin and I start to project punani again. I suspect a send is immanent for Kevin. But this post isn't about sending. This post is about the conditions for climbing in Castlewood and the news is not good. Here's are some shots of the font from about a month ago... The good news is that the snow has melted over the last month, the bad news is that beneath the punani boulder a new evil was lurking. Behold, and tremble. You've been warned.