Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good news

Doctor took another look at finger today and gave the go-ahead to start climbing SUPER JUGS in the gym with long rests in between.

Really good news! I'm still a little bummed, as I will not be attending the bouldering sessions like the black hole winter one below for a while. Oh well. At least its climbing.
Oh, and someday Kristen really is going to send helicopter. Really really.
Super-Jug Top-Rope for life!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Carter Lake Session

Carter lake is an amazing winter destination. Provided it is not windy, it can easily reach 70 degrees on a sunny day in JANUARY.
Unfortunately, this past Sunday it was windy. Although I froze my butt in shorts, it was a fun session and good to be out "rock shopping".

At one point during the day, the wind drove the ice sheet on top of the lake against the shore and broke it all to pieces. For lack of anything better to do, I hiked down to see and it was pretty sweet. Like plate-mail all flexing and moving against itself in the waves.
Anyway, the usual clowns were in attendance. This is Rich right before jumping on "Buddha belly" and declaring it an es-tupid problem. As I mentioned in a comment on the Hueco post, Flakey roof is VERY fun. Although the crux move is a bit reachy, here is diggs pulling off a quick ascent of the problem on Sunday.
Seriously, if you haven't done it, you should.
It sits uphill and to the right if you are facing skunk-rub.
I remember feeling that "Daily Chuck Dose" which climbs out from under the middle of skunk-rub was very difficult. It saw several flashes on Sunday and other red-point ascents by Fiona, Sarah, Kristen, and I believe Rich.
Unfortunately, Sarah injured her middle finger of her right hand (i think) during the send. Kristen passed along the news that it seems minor and should heal quickly. Especially because she stopped climbing immediately. GOOD DECISION SARA!
Once again, I have compiled a list of problems to do at Carter once my finger heals.

Lets just hope it is still cool enough outside to do so!
Stick send everyone!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Digg's Hueco Trip

As I mentioned, Diggs enjoyed a few days at Hueco over the new year. I was working and have never been to this wonderland, so i'm incapable of commenting on these photos.

Without further ado, here is the commentary on Hueco by Diggs:

Fiona almost didn't make it out of Hueco alive. We had to beat her to get her into the car for the drive home. Notice the Jaeger look-a-like photographer that was admiring our mad skills.
Fiona almost got her daily dick dose in Hueco...ask her to tell you the story.
More classic warm-ups - Voltron!
Steph sent hyproglow - only slightly dislocating her hip.
Choir boys almost gave Fiona satisfaction...
Sign of the Cross - super classic!
And projects to go back to...Steph on Baby Face.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things to do besides climbing installment

Sport Hiking
I haven't hiked for the sake of hiking in a LONG time. In my mind, it is just a necessary evil to reach the boulders. Karyn gave me a much needed foot in the ass and we enjoyed a beautiful day watching her doggers go ape-nuts crazy and hiking around the boulder foothills.
Good to be out of the house.
But it is STILL sport hiking...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thing to do besides climbing installment


I really went through the trouble and 1.5 hours of nonsense to create a "life like" Tiger Woods '09 game face. It wasn't worth it.
Yes. Video games can fill the void in ANY climbers life. Rylan has been so kind as to spend over 30 hours playing various games with me while we both wait to heal.

Now here is the suprise... GIRLS SECRETLY LIKE VIDEOGAMES!!!!
Alexa and Fiona were arguably more addicted to killing terrorists than Rylan and I were!
I know, I know. You never thought this possible. But I assure you, get some females in the game and it will be that much better.
I miss climbing kind of a lot.
How's everyone doing?
I got left in Denver while the crew and Diggs went to Hueco.
I = Loser.