Friday, November 20, 2009

Land of Entrapment...

After an 8 day work-week, I jumped in the ole Subaru and headed for my home and native land... Albuquerque New Mexico. Due to working retail, I will be industrious over thanksgiving and wanted to take this opportunity to see the family before the madness starts.
On the drive down, I learned that if you consume enough red bull in too short a time, you will actually start to see sounds and hear colors. These photos are an artist's rendition of the psychedelic drive I had between Trinidad and Santa Fe. Rad huh?
I decided to bring the shoes and chalk and check out a bouldering area I was a little too weak to enjoy when I lived here. U-Mound!!!!

It is a pretty condensed area on large-grain granite, and good for a few quick burns after work in the V2 to V7 range. Here are some problems and grades...hope you all enjoy!

Manatee Traverse v1
As I mentioned, large grain granite. Sharp. Crimp crystals and good pointy crimpers. FUN FUN FUN!!!! Jelly Bean Traverse v2
V0 sit start... Dumpy, short, turd burglar and the most fun you've ever had looking less-than-gnar for the camera!
The Situner mom was on hand, enjoying shooting the camera like crazy, and even managed to do a bit of scrambling!!!! Sick!!!
How could I resist doing a problem called "Knob Problem" v3 It also happens to have one of the coolest granite features EVER!!!
Wounded Knee v3 / v4 Small Crimps and a deadpoint to a jug! One of my favorites of the day!
Wounded Knee Arete v3 / v4
Driftwood Direct v7 (This thing took some tries!)
There were some other good problems interspersed in there too, but the whole point was to get out, get some mileage, and have fun.
Mission Accomplished!

P.S. The pictures look terrible when uploaded to blogger for some reason. Hopefully you all see them in regular resolution and clarity. Also, JJ, I have scoped everything v7 and harder for a quick-send filler on your scorecard! Maybe even dirt-burglar traverse into said problems potential. PSYCHED!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Beautiful forecasts for Saturday enticed fools to head to Newlin for a session as a send off for Flan's finger before she undergoes surgery tomorrow.
A sight rarely seen the past few months - Flan putting on climbing shoes - behold:
Broken finger? No problem! Just a little spit, tape, and chalk to hold it together:

Nevertheless, in typical Flan style, she crushed. Everything. Riders on the Storm, Tojo Rising, and the v9? left start to Tojo went in rapid succession.

Just imagine how strong she'll climb in another 3 months when her appendage is healed!
(artists rendition of Flan post-surgery)
photo borrowed from Chuck Fryberger's Flip Off For Flan! Campaign May 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The mind worms are sneaking in...

Marcelo Delovitch once shared his theory on the positive relationship between spending time at work, and the ease of entry for "mindworms" into the brain.
Between the snow on days off, and a schedule of doom in preparation for the holidays, I've not had a lot of climbing time...hence no blog updates. I've got worms friends. BAD.
Thankfully, my weekend off is coming up, and the forecast is looking promising!

Keep your fingers crossed, the mindworm-exterminator is on her way.