Monday, April 19, 2010

Joes Valley (sunshine edition)

Last weekend I made it out to Joes Valley with Lucas, Merc, and Hannah for an amazingly sunny trip. Temps were bordering on hot, but after the freezing adventures experienced in Utah of the past month, we were all loving it!
Fun was had. Stuff was sent. Everyone is psyched to go back to work on more projects.

Mercedes and Hannah are both climbing strong coming back from the injured list... watch for superb sendage in the near future! Lucas set himself up for a great trip next time he's in Joes... he's SO CLOSE on EVERYTHING he's working.

And now, the pictures...
SENT: rock skipping (and photographing rock skipping) by the riverside.
SENT: Diggs on Hooters V9
SENT: Hannah on Skins Game V3
(Merc also sent this rig from the lower start) SENT: Merc on Self Service V5
SENT: Lucas on The Angler V2 (no hand on the rail version)
Projects for next time:
Lucas on Hydrogenated Oil V11
Hannah on Self Service V5
Diggs on Chips V7
Lucas on Worm Turns V11
Merc on The Angler V2
Lucas on Jitterbug Perfume V10
Lucas on Ghost King V11
Merc on Big Joe V7
Thanks for a great weekend guys!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yea. That's climbing sometimes.

As elegant, beautiful, and enjoyable as climbing has been described, sometimes we do things that are downright silly, unnecessary, and ridiculous.

Ahh yes kids. If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?
Yea, above you can see T.J. levitating. He is doing so because it is about 10 degrees outside. He's jumping in attempt to warm-up his body enough to climb. (why did we get up early for this?)

Next up is sillyness. (Can I fit in that hole? YES... The answer is yes.)
We hate to admit it, but yea. Photos make the blogosphere go round. Sometimes you DO have to move that mess of gear out of the background to make a good picture. Yay D-SLR's. Raise your hand if no one has ever pointed out a hold for you. Yea. I thought so.
Raise your hand if your altruistic efforts have never ended in almost being kicked in the junk. Yea. I thought so.
Pointing, spotting, pseudo-spotting, and picture taking. And some of you called this a REST DAY! (LOL- yea. That's climbing sometimes)
My personal favorite... for vanity reasons. Sometimes the environment is ugly, the problem is a dirt burglar, the camera is in your nose but you still come away with a great image and a memorable session. WOOT.
Deny it all you want. That's climbing sometimes.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ft. Collins is looking better on Friday...

Famous last w3rds. Somehow I talked the TJ into joining me for a drive to Poudre canyon on Friday for what we thought would be sending temps in sunshine.

Instead, we got crazy winds, blowing snow, no sun, and this shot of TJ looking at the holds of the warm-up going "Really? I have to sack up and pull on this coldness? F-that."
Well, warm-up we did, and then got directly on Scarface. It's a good thing I had TJ with me, because I was discussing bail options before we even warmed up. A few burns (in all the clothing I had with) yielded some warmingness and beta remembrance.
Oh my god did it hurt like hell though.
Those are genuine "I'm psyched this hurts more than I can possibly imagine faces"
With skin apparently intact...though I couldn't feel it, I tried again and it went.
Yay scarface!... TJ wasn't so psyched, so we headed to "Sharma Lunge" to try his luck.
While fun was had with me at the camera, and him freezing ass, no sends were recorded.

He looked solid, but I can't express how much psyche the cold was stealing every second!
We decided that "Scuba Steve" V5 was an appropriate objective in these conditions, and TJ sussed the beta while I shot Photos.
That move was hard kids. Harder than 5. Just sayin.
We both had a great time doing this problem...with COMPLETELY different beta. It was cold as heck, and we spent the rest of our sesh looking at Gandalf, and other boulders.
Re-Psyche for the Poudre has begun kids. Who is psyched for a camping / drinking trip soon? Uncle Matt wants YOU!