Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Danny B-day C-wood sesh...

Due to recent snowing in other front-range climbing areas, Danny's birthday session was brought to the humble venue of Castlewood Canyon. Although this particular auditorium was not built to hold such psyche and awesomeness, below is the unfolding of the days events.

We warmed up at the Buddha cave where Danny proceeded to flash pretty much everything... Including this shot of "REAL SPORTS ACTION".
From there, it was up to the Berthoud caves where we messed around with the thuggy roof lines and spent most of our time with our butts in the dust. Danny made it his personal goal to find all of the huecos of the cave that were social and stick his head in them... Freud would have a field day with that one.
On the way in, I had pointed out to Danny a couple boulders that I had always walked past, but never went to look at. He was psyched, so on the way back to the car, we hiked past the cows that were inside the park boundary (WTF) and scoped them out.
One boulder did yield a highball choss problem that we both sent, and enjoyed the sunshine and views afforded by the area.
I'm not sure it had been done before, but it will likely never be done again as it was raining choss the whole time, the landing sucks (we didn't even bother with pads) and the holds are less than solid. Ahh well. It was still fun and certainly got the heart going!

Happy birthday to Danny, and thanks for coming out and making it a really fun sesh at the Ole Wood!

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