Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sub-Freezing climbing weekend!

Saturday was all about freezing at Big Elk Meadows and Boulder Canyon...

Nothing went down at big elk, but Diggs, Erika and I all pulled out sends of "The Citadel" despite shivering and running for puffys between burns.

Sunday was supposed to be nicer but we headed to the refrigerator that is NEWLIN CREEK!
A quick start to the day on the Nickness boulder where I flashed Optical Reverb (V5) and JJ worked out some of the moves to B3PO... Witness the wicked double toe hooks: Erika had not yet tried Atari Arete, so we headed to the midway boulders where diggs did a quick repeat...
And Erika sent in only a few burns! Nice jorb ladies!
JJ was psyched on working "The Green Iguana" V8 and I tried to help remember beta while he cleaned the holds.

Here is a terrible photo of what is a very entertaining problem to climb:
We finished up the day in the new sector where diggs and I had some old business to attend to: Uncivilized! I'm VERY psyched to say that we both sent, and Erika was doing well working out the moves.
Despite the freezing cold, a pretty successful weekend! Double sends on projects? You BETCHA!!!! Anyone getting out this weekend?

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