Sunday, June 12, 2011

Photarz phor Phoolish Phacez!!!

No two ways around it... my injury time has made me weak. I have been getting some time behind the camera though... check it:
Eric on the Girl Dyno: (Red Cliff)
Happy Diggity:
Diggs working Rupture: (Morrison South)
Eric on Rutpture:
Diggs finishing Return of the Jedi (Red Cliff)
Eric on "Jedi"
TJ coloring outside the lines:
Sarah working Squirming Coil (Morrison South)
Eric finishing Disani (Morrison South)
Erica crushing Star Crossed Lovers (Red Cliff)
Eric getting a feel for the moves on Star Crossed Lovers
Eric burling through the opening moves of Minturn Mile (Red Cliff)
OH YEA! I actually went sport climbing with TJ yesterday... and now have a rope project to finsih. I'm SOOOOO weak after all the down time! Ahh well, it's good to be pulling a little bit again. PSYCHED!

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Plexus said...

Don't get discouraged. I've been bouldering twice this year due to nagging injuries. Be patient and don't rush back. And keep practicing with the camera. You're getting good depth of field.